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Quick Draws Oct 7

Quick drawing from photo - 8 minutes


Quick Draws Oct 4

A quick drawing from a photo - 15 minute



Quick Draws Oct 2

Below are 2 quick drawings from photos on the net.




Wacom Pad Creations

Below are two desktop pictures that I created using a Wacom Pad to promote ESGS (my work)


Steve Martin

My first sketch of the great comedian, Steve Martin, in earlier years. I plan to refine and improve. Check back for the revision.

Canon ImagePress WorkStation

Drawing done in production at work while waiting for a print job to complete.


George Strait

Learning to render in a new style that I found by a great illustrator Victor Juhasz

His eyes are a little close together but being self-critical here.


Girl Surf Painting

I did this painting in 1999 for an artwork feature in Longboard Magazine.


Honeybee Redraw

An Adobe Illustrator redraw of the initial "Honeybee" type below with little improvements.

Drawing of Jacob

Jacob was painting a truck in Photoshop so I had him sitting still for a bit. I dont think this accurately represents Jacob but is close.... The first real sketch in a long time. No bueno!



Jacob always calls Laila (his little sister) his Honeybee which was the inspiration for this doodle.


More Doodles

Just some doodles done on my to-do list at work. I am finding it an easy tool to get back into drawing more. With 2 kids and home repair lists out the ying-yang it gets difficult to find the time. Doodling will help more time be sought for finished pieces.


More tempra

Jacob and I painted together this evening. I painted these letters, spelling "Jacob", with a large brush and my son's tempra paint. he filled in around the letters which I wasn't expecting but think it turned out great. Inspiration for the image came from Cat Scott. She does some great hand-lettering, which I am now interested in creating some of my own.


Holiday Card

I illustrated this holiday card for a local Marketing Group. They gifted a reusable bag to their vendors and clients for the holidays and wanted to create a custom card to go with it.


Monster Truck

I had a great time painting this Monster Truck with my 4 year old son Jacob and his collection of art supplies, last night. I used a much too large paint brush and tempra paint then finished with colored pencil.



I was tagged by Cat Scott.

1. What did you do 10 years ago?
Summer of ‘98 I just started a junior design job at Longboard Magazine after being laid off from a Production Assistant job on an HBO pilot. I was on the job all of 2 weeks when one of the producers nephews needed a job... yep, low ranking, got the trap door. Longboard Mag was a great starting position for me. The hours were a lax 10am to 5pm with roughly 1 1/2hr surf lunches on some days... but there were of course the all night get-the-mag-done days.

2. Five items on your to-do list today:
Being 11pm on Sunday: Finish this, drink water, use restroom, lock door, and sleep.

3. Snacks that you enjoy
Tortilla Chips and Salsa, Bing Cherries, Hummus and Pita, Grapes, Pretzels with Yellow Mustard, Cookies, I am sure there are many more...

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Share it, Travel, More outdoor activities, Purchase property, Have regular parties, Relax and enjoy

5. Places that you would live:
Any coastal Southern California city, Chicago, and have interest in Oregon (even though I have never been)


Papa's Day Card

This is a portrait Father's Day card, shown flattened, that Jacob (my 3yr. old son) and I created using Photoshop for my dad (he calls him Papa). Jacob choose the truck (borrowed from the net) and also colored it blue with a hard light PSD effect. I added the green color block swatch (on back cover) and type to the front.


Jacob's Wall

These are two images that I sketched for a mural that I am going to paint on my son's bedroom wall. I am still looking for the right perspective of the entire mural and where the coral/sea bed will be seen. A few more sketches of other fish and a shark, then I'll compose it all together and post it here before the painting begins.


What is Graphic Design?

I just entered this poster design into a contest I found called, "What is Graphic Design Poster Competition" through a blog search.


Interior Madonna Inn

Have you ever sen the interior of the Madonna Inn?

Dining Room

Mens' Room Urinal

Mens' Room Wash Sink

Bird Bout

The similarity of birds to humans when in a bout is really humorously interesting. Two birds fighting, over who-knows-what, while other birds cheer them on or just spectate at the feud. I captured this image on a road trip up the Central Coast a few years ago.


Fun + Old Drawings

It has been quite a while since my last confession... I mean, post. I haven't been drawing as much as I would like to so I would like to fill-in the gaps and share some fun drawings that I found in my archives.

The scanner didnt do this drawing justice but is still a fun little sketch.

Portrait of Drew. (not a very good scan either)

I imagine this guy to be out on a Sunday drive in his prized sports car.

Pencil on board of John Travolta.



Straight after college I got the opportunity to storyboard for a 20th Century Fox Searchlight feature film called Slums of Beverly Hills. I was an intern and, no you dont get credit as an intern. Was very bummed but was indeed one of the most exhilarating steps I have ever taken.

These storyboard sketches were done for fun. I wanted to create a Pepsi commercial of a man weaving his way through a jungle to discover a Moai Statue Pepsi vending machine temple.

These are a bit out of sequence but you can get the idea intended.


MagnaDoodle Drawing

I drew this for my 2 1/2 year old son on his Magna Doodle; He is a big fan of trucks.


Bamboo Tree

My bamboo tree on my desk at work. Not completely sure that I am finished with this sketch. I would like to add more color using another medium. Havent found what I want to use yet.

Hospital Bed

Waiting to be taken care of in a holding room at the hospital.


Illustration Friday - Missing

This is my Illustration Friday entry for the subject "Missing"


Desk Buddies

I often find these two guys hanging out together and looking very chummy, so I decided to put them in my sketchbook.



This is a drawing of my prized chicken that guards my desk while I am away.

Around the New Office

As I walked down the stairwell of the parking structure in morning on my way to work, I captured an interesting angle on a DHL delivery/pick-up.

A very nice building caught my eye, as I climbed that same stairwell one afternoon which I also found the perfect frame for it conveniently awaiting.